I started running with Steve 3 years ago.  Back then, I was not a runner at all.    Since then, I have completed three 10k races and two half marathons, and put in a lot of miles in between.  Steve is very motivating coach, makes every sessions really fun, and really listens to his client’s needs, putting together manageable and enjoyable programmes!  I can highly recommend Steve.

Sarah, Wandsworth

I first contacted Steve when I realised that I had signed up to run the London Parks Half Marathon and had no idea how I would ever complete the race. I had only ever run 5km before, and that was with some difficulty. Running does not come naturally to me. Steve instantly put me at my ease and assured me that I could meet my half marathon goal with no problem. Our sessions flew by and he provided great training, a programme for upping the distances so that I could reach my goal, as well as nutrition and race day trips. All in all he was the running equivalent of a comfort blanket. I ran my half marathon, no problem!

Jo, Wandsworth

Steve has such a positive and can-do attitude. He was encouraging and supportive, with loads of knowledge and tips. He kept me feeling motivated and gave me the confidence to run my first marathon; Im about to run my 3rd!

Steve’s wealth of experience and information was invaluable, and his upbeat and reassuring manner was fantastic. His sessions were varied and interesting and his marathon training programme was excellent.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone who needs any help with their training.

Alison, Wandsworth

….I tried to attend as many of the weekday sessions as possible and also signed up for coach Steve McCann’s sub four group which was brilliant! So although I had run two marathons before, this time I had a structured training programme….
Steph, Wimbledon

“I’ve been training under Steve’s guidance for just over a year. During that time I have seen significant improvements in my race times, setting new personal best times for distances from 5km to a marathon. His sessions are well thought-out, varied and enjoyable. Above all, I really appreciate the flexibility of fitting in personal training sessions around my other commitments.”
Sam, Wimbledon

Steve’s coaching for Amsterdam marathon suited my needs and ability. I got a new PB..by more than 10 minutes. The training was relaxed but focussed and I found I was pushing myself without it hurting..Steve encouraged me to try to run out of my comfort zone – i.e. faster. This was a revelation as I was sure it would be beyond me. Instead it has made a huge difference even 8 months on as I know I can run faster and sustain this. My run times have improved over all distances. I enjoyed the variety of training sessions including short sharp sessions with dynamic exercises. Steve gave good advice on nutrition.
Caroline, Hampton Court