Recover Faster!

Steve is an ITEC qualified Sports Masseur and has worked with weight lifting record holders, Wimbledon tennis stars, PGA golfers and a huge number of runners of all abilities.

If you have a soft tissue injury, sports massage is a fantastic way to speed recovery. A deep tissue massage will help improve circulation to injured tissue, increasing the speed at which toxins are flushed away to be replaced with fresh oxygenated blood.

One of the most underrated tools available to athletes is using the services of a good sports masseur. Exercise can lead to muscle damage which if left untreated can lead to a build up of scar tissue and ultimately injury. Professional athletes will devote time within their training regime to ensure their body is kept in optimal condition. If you are training regularly then a massage every couple of weeks will help you recover faster and keep you injury free for longer. After the exertion of a key game or race a full body massage will help improve blood flow and realign muscle fibres.

Deep tissue massage isn’t just for athletes.  I have worked with people suffering from lower back pain, frozen shoulder, RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome (for a full list see conditions treated).  These long term, chronic injuries can significantly impair your quality of life but with the right treatment and rehabilitation a reduction in pain and an improvement in range of movement is possible.