One to one coaching

imageA premium service for runners based in London.
We start by looking at where you are now and where you want to be.
The Running Man will then provide an in-depth analysis of your running style, which can:-
– pick out easy gains in efficiency from altering your running form
– identify biomechanical weaknesses which if left unaddressed may lead to injury
– identify the key areas to address to achieve your goal.
The Running Man will then construct an 8 week training regime designed to maximise your chances of successfully meeting your target without compromising your lifestyle.  Advice, instruction and encouragement are all available on a continuous basis.  Should you need a route to run or someone to run with then contact The Running Man.

Additional advice depending on your needs can include:

Diet & Nutrition

Strength & Conditioning

Clothing & Footwear

To discover what the running man can do for you please use the form below.